Competition Report Sunday 3rd Nov 2019

Just a short report to let you know the results of the comp.

We had 4 targets.

Guy Fawkes. 10 shots at Guy fawkes. but if you are feeling brave 10 pts each for the flames but don’t hit the bomb… will lose your score.

 Best score ..  Jason with 75

Spiders. 5 Spiders 2 shots on each but don’t break the web. Best score Barry with 14

Pumpkin Head. ten shots to draw a smiley face on the pumpkin head. This was judged by the shooters, when we stopped laughing. There were some very unusual faces. 

10 pts to first place. 5 for second. 2 for third.

 Best attempt Matt Long

Houses of parliament. Exploding target in the clock face Winner of this stage was Matt with one shot in 4.17 seconds.

Final Results were


2. Matt Long

3. Jules

4. David

5. Malc

6. Barry

7. Chris Allen

8. Stan

9. Phil

10. Don & James

11. Tony

12. Bob

Thank you to all those who took part.

The next Comp is the Xmas shoot on Dec 15th

But look out for a skittle shoot this month